Who disrupted the AIDS-center’s seminar on sexual health in St. Petersburg

On Friday, October 5, “cossack” impersonators burst into the lecture on sexual health, given by an employee of St. Petersburg AIDS-center in “Tom Sawyer” coffee-shop, Soyuz Pechatnikov str. 19.

Half an hour prior to the event scheduled at 6 p.m. a group of 10 «cossacks» occupied the venue. Some of them were armed with whips (which can serve as a flexible nonlethal shock weapon).

Along with the “cossacks” a police officer came to the coffee-shop to check the visitors’ passports. However, the legal enforcer did not pay attention to the fact that the provokers brought an underage to the meeting labeled 18+. They claimed they’ve done it to “show some fags.”

Pictures by: David Frenkel / “Mediazona”

Several major cossack organizations of St. Petersburg replied to «Data Base» official request and denied the presence of their people in “Tom Sawyer” coffee-shop. Among them are “Nevskiy Rubezh” Cossack Society,  «Stanitsa Admiralteiskaya» Cossack Society, «Izhorskiy” Cossack Society, “Baltic line” Cossack Society including “Ekaterinovskaya”, Primorskiy”, “Tzarskoselskii” villages and “St. Petersburg Cossack district” Cossack society. The representatives of some organizations strongly condemned the provokers’ actions. The event disruption was organized by «Cossack society Cossack guard»

Email: spbokoks@gmail.сom


+7 (911) 9009008
+7 (900) 6300003

«Cossack Guard» headquarters is located at Borovaya str. 35/37.

VKontakte webpages:



The center’s webpage showed a live broadcast in a social network:

According to our information this person is responsible for the event disruption:  

Name: Vladimirov (Gerasimenko?) German Nikolaevich

Date of birth: April 7

City: St. Petersburg

VKontakte personal webpage: https://vk.com/nikolaevich78
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/german.vladimirov/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/gerasimenko1978
VKontakte personal weblog: https://vk.com/vladimirovgerman
Odnoklasniki page: https://ok.ru/profile/540909671415

His own posts proving his participation in the attack:

Faggy “Tom Sawyer” or educating process by Petersburg Cossacks

So the situation is as follows… We’ve long known that faggots were gathering today in a café at Soyuz Pechatnikov str. Named “Tom Sawyer”. That’d be fine, but we definitely could not let it happen as if that’s #noneofourbusiness, moreover they could actually have underage kids there. On our arrival we found a police officer near the café and compelled him into consciousness (as he was not willing to go), we went to check the youngsters’ papers. The most interesting was that among all passports I checked for example there were generally same dates of birth 1998, 1999, 2000 and of all attendants none was from St. Petersburg, mostly from Kirov, Perm, Izhevsk, etc. After doing some educational work with organizers and the rest we left, and what liberals write is complete bullshit, no one frightened the hell out of them) We enclose part of the video of our education work with these growing lgbtfags

Sincerely yours, head of “Donbass combat valor museum” Vladimirov German

1. https://vk.com/nikolaevich78?w=wall192200494_54976
2. https://vk.com/nikolaevich78?w=wall192200494_54970

Work place: Donbass military valor museum

Museum webpage:

Museum VKontakte page: https://vk.com/museum_novorossya

Other participating provokers:

Member of «Cossack guard» (the organization members have disrupted the event).

Name: Aleksandr Alekseevich Polosov

Date of birth: March 17, 1985

City: St. Petersburg

VKontakte webpage: https://vk.com/polosov85

The lecturing-«cossack» who was mostly reading morals while disrupting the lecture of AIDS-center in St. Petersburg: 

Name: Dmitrii Puiu
City: St. Petersburg
VKontakte webpage: https://vk.com/id154707986

Puiu at the event disruption:

VKontakte webpage: https://vk.com/polosov85

Participated in disruption of AIDS-center event in St. Petersburg:

Name: Aleksandr Pavlovich Smirnov
Date of birth: June 10, 1992
City: St. Petersburg

VKontakte webpage: https://vk.com/alexandersmirnov1992
Skype: Smitt0792

Smirnov at the event disruption: https://vk.com/nikolaevich78?w=wall192200494_54970

Participated in disruption of AIDS-center event in St. Petersburg:

Name: Sergei Konsevich
Date of birth: May 5, 1981
City: St. Petersburg
Education: Ukrainian State University of Railway Transport (ex-Kharkov Railway Engineer Institute), 2010 graduate.

VKontakte webpage: https://vk.com/pazanhik

Organization: Cossack Guard

Organization’s pages in VKontakte:

1. https://vk.com/club165438500
2. https://vk.com/club7929243

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