Diakonov Nikolay Leonidovich – a corporal of the hybrid warfare


Diakonov Nikolay born in 1977 in Astrakhan, and currently living in Moscow. His biography is common for a “loyal grunt” of the Kremlin and personally president Putin.


Current occupation:

Deputy chief of the “Union of cossack warriors of Russia and abroad”, Field chief of the “Union of cossack warriors of Russia and abroad”.


Founder of «Cossack trade and production association».

It is likely that the association launders money and funds paramilitary unlawful activities.

Paticipated in the Crimea occupation in 2014. Board member of the Donbass Voluntary Union, reserve major, Ph D. in history, deputy chief of the “Union of cossack warriors of Russia and abroad” (Russia civil organization for promotion of Cossacks, state registration number 1147700000260, registered on December 24, 2014), Don Cossack captain. Pro-Kremlin propagandist. Recruiter. Was a field chief during the Crimea invasion.

Diakonov is also State Duma deputy assistant.


1994-1998. Nizhny Novgorod Higher Military School of Logistics after marshal Bagramian.

Graduated as an economy specialist in «Command and tactical logistics».

Diploma No. 3732.

2003-2004 Moscow State Municipal Management Academy under the President of Russian Federation.

Specialty: «State municipal management», diploma No. 7746.

2013 Post-graduate. Department of Russian history, Faculty of Social sciences,  Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia.

2015-2016 Scientific and education center of state building and management  specialists training, Moscow State University.

Specialty «Complicated  issues of modern politology»

Diploma No. 20315а9014.


1998-1999 Military base No. 44026 in Sergiev Posad-6, head of food and supplies service.

– running supply warehouses.

– accounting of material resources.

– use of technical means of service.

– running food supplies and mess halls.

– laundry service.

– managing of sewing production.

– supplies purchase.

– supplies recieving and providing.

– supply storage organization.

– carrying out disinfection and disinsection.

1999-2004.Military base No. 32369 Sergiev Posad-6, base deputy commander for logistics, head of Materials and technical service.

– arranging material supplies and technical support.

– trading and consumer security of the personnel.

– fire safety.

– environment safety and rational use activities.

– arranging of personnel professional studies.

– stocktaking of equipment and transport,

– quality control, rational use of fuels and lubricants.

– organizing of transport service, stocktaking, exploitation and repair of transport.

– medical service organizing.

– subsidiary framing organizing.

– construction and reparing works, building maintenance.

– organizing and carrying out respective control and accounting.

– organization of cultural and recreational activities.

– organization of services for field work deploying.

– organization of financial and economic work

– organization of vet services.

2004-2006 No. 165 military base, Moscow. Head of warehousing departments, food supply group of Moscow military district, local defence chief of staff.

– organization of loading and unloading on transport.

– railway, sea and air logistics.

– organization of loading to cargo trucks and containers.

– providing technical means for objects protection.

2006-2009 Senior officer of Moscow military district food staff purchasing department (seconded)

– food supplies purchase organization.

– organization of contests and tenders.

– participation in auditing inspections of logistics HQ of Moscow military district.

– development of combat and mobilization activities.

– organization of centralized provision and food suppliesplanning.

2009-2011 Russia Duma deputy assistaint (security committee).

– cooperation with federal, regional and municipal executive and legislative bodies.

2011-2014 «Tretiy Rim» («The Third Rome») ltd., general director.

2015 «National union for patriotic education», director.

– mass activities organization.

– experience in President grants contests participation.

Social activities:

Took part in 2012 President of Russia elections campaign.

Took part in the Crimea occupation in 2014.

Donbass Voluntary Union board member. Educational and methodical work Committee deputy head.

Took part in President elections campaign in Serb republic 2014.

Deputy Chief of Cossack Military Society under Great Don Army for coordination with federal, regional legislative and executive bodies. Colonel rank assigned according to the order of Plenipotentiary Representative of the President  of Russian Federation in South Federal district of May 5, 2011 No. 33.

Synod Committee Head advisor for coordination with Cossackhood. Russian Orthodox Church, Moscow Patriarchate.

Nikolai is also a frequent participant of propaganda broadcasts.

Has a number of rewards for his pro-Kremlin activities:

Official acknowledgement of Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation February 22, 2002. For perfect carry out of military duties and dedicated service to the Fatherland

Letter of appreciation from the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin of May 7, 2012.

Award weapon from the President of Russian Federation. Cossack saber “For Loyalty and  Dedication” No. 3312. May 7, 2012.

State award. A medal «For merit before Fatherland, II degree» No.125493. Decree of the President of the Russian Federation of May 10, 2017.

Official acknowledgement from The President Administration head «For active civil position and participation in the country’s social and political life”. March 5, 2012.

Official acknowledgement from the President’s council for Cossack affairs «For promotion of the Russian statehood” May 9, 2014.

Official acknowledgement from Moscow City Government «For active civil position» September 14, 2012.

An active participant of the «war industry» in the East Ukraine.

To make long story shorter, we can see a perfect grunt, ready to carry out any criminal order for money and promotion in the framework of the actual state regime.

However, this is not all about Diakonov. He has given a number of interesting inteviews, revealing of what is going on inside the Novorossia gangs.

See his interview to the «Cossackhood of Moscow» web-site (http://казачествомосквы.рф) It turns out that Diakonov and his people caused the mess in Saraevo in 2014. The Russian authorities clearly might have prepared provocations in this country prior to the general elections.

From the Crimea to Pushkin square in Moscow

A distinctive mark of «the Cossack regiment of the Crimea chief Baklanov» – a black chevron with a skull in the middle.

The movement’s Vkontakte web page states that the organization was formed on February 14, 2014. In March, before the Crimea referendum the chief Nikolai Diakonov was rallying with the new members of the organization.

«The cossacks move to carry out combat missions in Sevastopol and in the Crimea – to keep public order, to protect civilians and  polling stations”, – says the local TV channel.

After «the Crimea spring» Diakonov’s cossacks moved to Donbass to continue the warfare and later the cossack regiment returned to Moscow from the East Ukraine.

The «Donbass voluntary union» representatives (Diakonov is a member of the organization’s board) informed the Russian BBC service that after the events on the Pushkin square he «asked not to give out his phone number». However they have confirmed that Diakonov is currently in Moscow.

Diakonov took personal part in coordination of storm-troops’ and firebrands’ attack on people who gathered at Pushkin square on May 5, 2018.

From the middle of the video, shot during the event, we can see some storm troopers capture a protestion person and fall back. Then Diakonov ask the civil activists “not to provoke” so that his words could be shot by a camera.

Diakonov and his people participate in provocations agains civilians on May the 5th.

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