SERB – a pro-Kremlin stormtrooper brigade

On August 15th took place the “Mothers’ march” – a procession from Pushkin square to the High Court of Russia to back the teenagers convicted under framework of the “Novoye Velichie” case. Over a thousand people participated in the rally, and that induced infamous city firebrands from pro-Putin formation SERB to action.

SERB (also known as South East Radical Block) – a pro-Kremlin extremist group first active in the Ukraine in Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhye and Krivoy Rog, contributed the incitement of war and annexing of the Crimea. Since late summer 2014 SERB activists and their leader Igor Beketov (aka Gosha Tarasevich) fled the Ukraine from prosecution of SBU. Now they are on wanted list in the Ukraine. Since winter 2014-2015 the formation gets active in Russia, performing systematic attacks against the Russian opposition and civil rights activists. The formation is backed by Russian officials and law enforcement authorities. According to ex-SERB activist Oleg Chursin, SERB was overseen by major of Antiextermism center of Ministry Internal Affairs Aleksei Okopniy also noticed on the SERB moves by “Solidarnost” activists. Chursin himself was an active police major while in SERB.

The firebrands came to the “Mothers’ march” with an obvious intention to start a brawl and provoke participants of the peaceful march into conflict with brute force.

Igor Beketov – the leader of SERB on the “Mothers’ march”

Igor Beketov – born on February 13, 1997 in Dnepropetrovsk, the Ukraine.

Education: graduated Dnepropetrovsk Theater college in 1998, has a diploma of Union Stat Institute of Cinematography, studied in workshop of Yu. Nazarov and Yu. Kara in 2011.

Occupation: actor. Work experience – 30 years. Worked in Dnepropetrovsk theatre, Bolshoi Theatre, on “Mosfilm” studio. Mainly participates in soap operas and movies as a second or third plan actor.

Simptomatic recent roles of the SERB leader.

Text on the screenshot:

2012 White Tiger:
NKVD lieutenant (not on the final scores)

2010-2016 The Interns:
The nervous patient

Igor Beketov, currently leader and runner of the SERB extremist gang, lives in Moscow  since 2014.

Social networks:



Cell phone: the SERB formation +7 925- 327- 13- 13

Yandex wallet: 410012593930551

Sberbank card: 6390-0238-9079-4005 29

SERB – official sites:




Members of SERB:

Alen Isaev – “chief administrator” of the SERB VKontakte homepage. Born on April 18 1994 in Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan.

Alen Isaev – “chief administrator” of the SERB VKontakte homepage. Born on April 18 1994 in Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan.

Education: Kazakhstan National University, Faculty of International relations, bachelor.

Socail networks:



Yury Eslikovskii – activist. Born on November 19, 1965 in Barnaul, Russia.

Also supports pro-Kremlin separatists in DNR and LNR and participates in activities  of pro-government movement “NOD”.

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Stanislav Davydov – activist. Born on June 30. Lives in Moscow.

Educatuion: Middle school #119 in St. Petersburg, Moscow State University.

Occupation: runs a propaganda project Anti-Navalniy | Against Navalniy | Navalniy with overall of 6800 subscribers on VKontakte social network. His co-author is Ivan Mamontov an employee of Russian Information Agency “Novosti”. They run the same project on FacebookTwitterYandex.zen, Youtube and  Telegram under a different naming “Navalny Pravda”.

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Beketov and Piotr Rybakov.

Piotr Rybakov – born on March 1, 1980. Lives in Moscow.

Education: Moldova state university.

Occupation: Unknown.

An extremist and firebrand, constant participant of SERB activities. Took part in attacks on civilians and opposition activists on Pushkin square on the 5th of May 2018.

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Igor Brumel – born on July 9, 1952 in Rostov-on-Don. Currently lives in Moscow. Lived in Zamoskvorechye since 1974: 1974-1978 on Ozerkovaya naberezhnaya 48/50, since 1978 on Pyatnitskaya str. 17.

Igor Brumel on “Spravedlivaya Rossiya” party meeting.

Education: Graduated the State institute of physical education, Faculty of Mass Sports, Athletics trainer.

Occupation and political career:

1988-1991 – a member of People’s Labor Union.

1992 – participated in Transnistria conflict as a member Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic Guard.

Defended the High Counsil of RSFSR in September-October 1993, a engineer-demolition company commander, on October 3, 1993 was appointed as a representative of acting president A. Rutskoy in Moskvoretskiy area of Moscow.

1992-1997 – a member of Liberal-patriotic party “Vozrozhdeniye” (“Renaissance”) (St. Andrew flag party), Chair of Moscow branch of Liberal-patriotic party “Vozrozhdeniye”, deputy chair of the party.

1992-1996 – executive editor of “Rossiyskoye vozrozhdeniye” (“Russian Renaissance”) newspaper, Moscow.

2000 – individual entrepreneur (polygraphs and publishing)

Since 2008 – member of “Spravedlivaya Rossiya” party.

March 4, 2012 – elected as a deputy of Zamoskvorechye municipal body for a 5-mandate electoral district No. 1 (First place out of 22) (since March 2013 – member of Deputies council).

September 10 2017 – took 12th place out of 33 on Deputies council elections in Zamoskvorechye for a 5-mandate electoral district No. 1.

Currently is an active SERB member, firebrand infamous with his aggressive attacks, inadequate statements and participating in numerous attacks at civil society activists.

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Igor Brumel – is a member of Zamoskvorechye Deputy council in 2012-2018. On their official page on VKontakte SERB members have boasted of 7 activists who participated in provocation against the “Mothers’ march”–

A comment by some Igor Gvardeikin is the most notable. It is an armed person, who probably was participating in warfare among pro-Kremlin separatists in the East Ukraine and possibly related to stormtroops from E.N.O.T. CORP private military group.

Igor on VKontakte:

The members of various Kremlin stormtroopers and firebrands are in close contact and coordination with each other, which makes them a clear threat to lives and health of Russian and foreign citizens.

It is important to mention a wide-known SERB provoker and extremist Aleksandr Viktorovich Petrunko in our investigation.

Aleksandr Petrunko.

Aleksandr Petrunko – born on April 23, 1969. Presumably was raised in an orphanage in Rostov-on-Don. Lived in Kharkov, Prospekt Pobedy 66-166.

In January 2009 was arrested on suspicion of a crime in Ludwig Svoboda Prospekt in Kharkov.


According to Petrunko was a police informer in Prevomayskiy police office in Rostov-on-Don, second Ordzhonikidze settlement.

Worked in Kharkov administration in Education department.

A soldier of the hybrid warfare:

During so called “Russian spring” Aleksandr Petrunko was spotted in Kharkov, where he was one of the organizers of the region administration storm performed by those backing “Kharkov peoples’ republic”. Participated in beating of the Ukraine civil society activists. Calls himself a leader of “Dvizheniye Yugo-Vostok” (South-East Movement”). Along with the developing of the conflict, Petrunko was moved to Russia by his FSB overseers. He systematically participates in attacks and provocations against opposition and civil society activists.

He is the person who attacked Aleksei Navalniy on April 27, 2017 and poured him with brilliant green, so that the politic was taken to the hospital with chemical eye burn.

Aleksandr Petrunko and president’s advisor Sergei Glaziev.

Aleksandr Petrunko also participated in the attack on exhibition “No embarrassment 2.0”. On December the 8th during the first day of the exhibition of works by Jock Sturges, a man dressed like a woman poured the photographs with a liquid with an unpleasant odor. The criminal was detained. One of SERB leaders Igor Brumel claimed that the detained person was Petrunko, who earlier was involved into a similar incident: on September 25, 2018 he poured whorks by Sturges with urine.

On October 10th SERB activists stormed “Oktyabr” cinema, where a movie about warfare on Donbass “The flight of a bullet” was being shown. The SERBs  sprayed a corrosive odorous substance inside of the cinema.  Three SERB activists were detained for the attack, among them was Aleksandr Petunko. According to Vitaliy Manskiy, the head of the festival, unidentified persons phoned the “Artdocfest” direction board and threatened to “cut the stomach open and hang by the legs”.

Aleksandr Petrunko and the head of Russian delegation in OSCE Parliamentary Assembly since 2017 Petr Tolstoy.

On 5th of May Petrunko took an active part in attacks on participants of All-Russian rally “He is no tzar” along with members of other pro-Kremlin paramilitary gangs.

Cell phone:+79857949984


NOD and SERB are directly related to pro-Russia movements in the East Ukraine. According to :Novaya Gazeta”, SERB tried to get funds from Aleksandr Borodai’s “Donbass volunteer union” and greatly increased its activity. However the funding of SERB activists remained in hands of “Antimaidan” movement related to “Edinaya Rossiya” deputy Dmitriy Sablin, who in his turn became a head of the party’s Patriotic platform since April 5, 2017. The overall coordination is carried out by overseers from FSB and President’s Administration.

REN-TV reporters are always the first ones to come to the incident sites, as they receive information about the upcoming terror actions.

REN-TV is a part of the National mediagroup controlled by the “Rossiya” bank headed by Yury Kovalchuk. The Mediagroup owns 82% of REN-TV shares and 25% shares of the Firch channel and 72,4% of the Fifth channel. In April 2017 the news spread that NMG will merge REN-TV, the Fifth channel and “Izvestiya” newspaper into a unified information center

SERB firebrands and stormtroopers do not waste their time. Every week they carry on direct actions against Russian civil society and opposition activists. On August 21st they attacked “Otkritaya Rossiya” office. The inseparable threesome of Beketov, Rybakov and Brumel were taking part in the attack. The police always eager to detain the opposition activists for single pickets and to institute criminal proceedings for likes and shares on the Internet did not show any reaction. Those provokers overseen by Ministry of Internal Affairs and FSB are inviolable to them.

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