Detain is not enough: Sadists from RosGuard and police beat up their own people



Unlawful use of pysical force and anti-riot equipment during the rallies against pension default in Russia, September 9th 2018.

Picture by Aleksandra Polukeeva (“RosBalt” reporter). Polukeeva received a moderate concussion from police officers while making photos at the rally (rubber baton hits on the head).

Recent weekend rallies against pension reform lead to the rise of violence against peacefully protesting civilians, who went out to the streets of their cities according to their constitutional right. Moreover, not only men, but aged persons, children and women got beaten by police batons.

Detaining an elderly man.
Police officer detains an underage.

Rallies participants, reporters and observers have frequently noticed actions that can be described as abuse of power by the police the RosGuard.

On the pictures a RosGuard officer (Dzerzhinskiy Separate Operative Division) makes numerous hits to the head, while his victim tries to cover it with hands.

The victim showed no resistance to the RosGuard officer, so the aggression and violent behavior was unmotivated. Note the strength of the hits – the rubber baton almost bends into an arc.

On 47th second police and RosGuard officers attack a fallen person and hit him numberous times onto his head and spine. There is no resistance from their victim.

Officers beat a fallen person.

Beating a man who holds his hands over the head and shows no resistance.

The abovementioned cases are but several examples of officers’ unmotivated abuse against the citizens. If you have additional information about so called legal enforcers violating the law, please send it to us.

We ask the civil society to help us reveal the identities of those who took part in beating of civilians for a further trial.

These people follow unlawful oreders and beat the citizens of their own country, who want to express their political and civil position. If you know any of these people, please contact us via email at or using our administration feedback channel on the Telegram (@bewareofthem).

Bring them to justice!

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