Enforcers, all your actions are recorded!

Everyone remembers that the rallies against pensionary default in Russia on September 9th, 2018 were outstanding by the cruelty of law enforcers. We have stated that not only men and young people but also elderly persons and women were beaten with batons.

For the recent 6 month we have managed to find a number of Moscow policemen and The National Guard of the Russian Federation or Rosgvardia operatives involved into these unlawful actions. The problem is that after their uncovering these people get scared of responsibility and quit the Internet completely to cover their tracks. For example, our volunteers have managed to find the guardsman who beat the passers-by with the baton that hard that it bowed into an arc:

The supposed name of the operative is Rasul Bostanov. Unfortunately, during making up this article and suspect personal page investigation, the information about him leaked into the network. The person has cleaned his profile and deleted all the photos.

In this regard, we inform the community that the main part of the information about law enforces personalities will be processed in closed mode. However, we are ready to provide all the necessary data to those who suffered at law enforces’ hands, to investigation authorities and to the courts. The data can be translated into English to fill a claim to European Court of Human Rights if necessary.

To prove that we have the information available on practically every enforcer involved into the unlawful activities, we uncover the personalities of two more Rosgvardia operatives and one police officer, who took part in the violent suppression of the people’s gathering, held according to the rights guaranteed by the Constitution of the Russian Federation.

This is our another call to law enforcers to obey the law, the Constitution and to respect the civil rights of their fellow citizens.  We also recommend the civil community to carry out active photo and video recording of mass events for following investigation and trial of the violators. If you know a Rosgvardia operative involved into violation of civil rights, please immediately report us by email bewareofthem@protonmail.com or via our administration feedback channel on Telegram @bewareofthembot.

Every unlawful action taken by law enforcers are recorded and added to their personal file and later can be used for a trial against them. We repeat: we want the law enforcers to obey the law and to express respectful attitude towards all citizens of the Russian Federation.

The revealed Rosgvardia operatives and the policeman.

Name: Ilia Mikhailov.
Date of birth: July 9.
City of Residence: St. Petersburg
Cell phone: +7 (925) 819 6675
VK account: https://vk.com/id364809820

Text on the picture:

“Money won’t help us in grave
Money won’t replace love
So why does one stop being human
For this mere dust?”

Why, Ilia? We wonder.

2. Petr Stetchkin

City: St. Petersburg
Working at: St. Peterburg police office
VK account: https://vk.com/id254564341

Name: Nikita Studeev
Date of birth:
June 28
Place of birth: Balakovo
City of Residence: St. Petersburg
VK account: https://vk.com/id180599575