Anatoly Shariy is an instrument of media hybrid war

Earlier we have told you about propagandists working on the federal TV channels or sponsored by oligarchs closely related to the Kremlin. However today our data base features a unique person, different from TV reporters – an online disinformation distributor, acting with accuracy worth of a Swiss watch. We shall tell you about notorious Anatoly Shariy, a so-called investigation reporter, who fled from Kiev to Lithuania (via Moscow) from the Ukraine president Viktor Yanukovych regime.

Personal information
Excerpts from the open source on the Internet

Name: Anatoly Anatoliyovych Shariy.

Date of birth: August 20, 1978.

Place of birth: Kiev, Ukraine.

Education: According to his own words, Shariy graduated from Kiev Higher Tank Engineer College, regimental intelligence faculty. However in 1992 the college has been reorganized to Kiev Ground Forces Institute.

Country of residence: Has residence permit in the EU (Lithuania), exact whereabouts are unknown. He has been spotted in the Netherlands in early February 2015. Later he moved to Baltic countries. In 2018 he has been spotted in Holland again.

Media resources:

Shariy has a significant media influence. His audience (on September 2018) was 1.6 million subscribers on YouTube.

Personal website:






Brief biography

Prior to his career of a reporter, Anatoly Shariy used to lead a fairy loose lifestyle, including gambling and drug abuse. 

Shariy began his reporter career only in 2005 at the age of 27. His first experience was in glossy magazines “Natali”, “Edinstvennaya” “Polina”. Later he also worked for “Segodnya” and “Moscovskii Komsomolets” newspapers.

Currently he works on Russian media (“Moskovskii Komsomolets, etc.) mainly maligning the Ukraine and West democracies. According to the information from open sources, he is suspected in child sexual abuse and accused in disorderly conduct and health injuring.

Bewareofthem has a copy of the documents at its disposal.

In 2008S Shariy became the head of investigation department of “Obozrevatel” website, and stayed on this position for four years. The main reporter’s accomplishments, that brought Shariy his fame in media community, fall on this period.

On May 1, 2011 Shariy made two shots at a person in Kiev cafeteria from a traumatic gun. Shariy’s version of the event significantly differs from the one recorded by the cafeteria security cameras. The author notes that Anatoly was the first one to attack and shot the victim in his back. A criminal case was opened against Shariy for disorderly conduct and health injury.

Evidences of Elena Shariy, sister of Anatoly Shariy.

The woman openly accuses her brother in child sexual abuse (earlier Shariy lived in his sister’s ex-husband’ place for some time). In August 2013 Elena filed a complaint to the Netherlands police and in 2017 to the Ukraine authorities. Currently both complaints are on the pretrial investigation stage.

It is notable that after long court trials which went on in the Ukraine for two years, Shariy refused his counterclaims against Elena and decided not to prove the opposite.

Дело Шарий – Манченко. После двух лет безуспешных попыток батлить с нами, адвокаты Шария сложили орудия и отказались сегодня от исковых требований. Олег Горбачов, отличная работа!)

Posted by Evgeny Pronin on Wednesday, October 3, 2018

On July 12, 2011 an “attack” was committed against Shariy. His car was shot, which led to through damage to the windshield and rear window. Shariy was unharmed. In October the Ukraine Home Office in Kiev informed that the attack was staged by the victim. As a result, a second criminal case was opened against Shariy.

Using someone else’s passport (information to be confirmed) Shariy moved to Moscow and then to the Netherlands. On June 8 it was known that he has been granted a political refugee status in Lithuania for five years and residence permit in the EU. Anatoly Shariy claimed to Lithuania authorities that he had been persecuted by pro-Russian regime of President Viktor Yanukovych. Allegedly he carried out an investigation of the Ukraine authorities taking part in drug trafficking and so the criminal cases against him were fabricated.

In the EU Shariy began to broadcast again using YouTube as a platform. After Euromaidan the refugee has started a personal YouTube channel and posted video reviews on the Ukraine events with enviable frequency. The main theme of the reviews was uncovering of “forgeries” of the Ukraine media. However Shariy’s own “revelations” aren’t much of a truth. 

Shariy tried to cover events from the East Ukraine – until a report about “DNR two-years anniversary on April 9, 2016. Shariy described the situation and the celebration as a “let down”, apparently got reprimanded by his sponsors and concentrated on the Ukraine events.

Hiding behind the status of a reporter, Shariy provides a tribune for pro-Kremlin terrorists (Timur “Dikii” Tamaev, Chechnia criminal, Ramzan Kadyrov’s personal guard stormtrooper. In 2014-2015 participated in the East Ukraine warfare in Krasnodon as a head of “Dikii group”), who take part in armed aggression against the Ukraine and hate crimes in Russia.

On October 24, 2016 a group of Ukraine hackers “CyberJunta” claimed that they had gained access and full control of email of Vladislav Surkov, the assistant to Russian President. According to the information received, Anatolii Sharii is the Kremlin employee and participates in a special operation to destabilize the Ukraine. Some experts have doubts about the authenticity of the files published, but Zoryan Shiryak, advisor to the Ukraine Minister of the Interior and Anton Gerashchenko, ex freelance advisor to the Ukraine Minister of the Interior have confirmed the authenticity of the documents.

Besides that, Shariy carries out an active and systematic sabotage against the Russian opposition and human rights activists and independent media, by means of propaganda and litigation. For example, the Ministry of Justice of Russia, using Shariy’s denunciation as a pretext, denied a well known lawyer Mark Feigin’s license in Russia. “Bewareofthem” has an order for disciplinary trial against Mark Feigin in its disposal. The order says that the lawyer S. Gurevich represented Sharii in the court.

According to Free Russia Forum’s public address, the goal is “to end human rights and professional activities of Feigin to disrupt his efforts for unifying international public opinion to back Sushchenko”.

Mark Feigin is not the first time aim for Russian authorities’ persecution. In almost every case he participated in, they tried to prosecute him, deny his license or drive out of the country. Feigin is one of the few independent lawyers in Russia who keeps protecting political inmates and criticizing Vladimir Putin’s regime.

The opposition activist Aleksei Navalniy agrees that this is a political case initiated against the layer by the Russian authorities, which proves that Sharii is a mere tool of the Kremlin, not an independent reporter.

Tonight @FeyginMark’s license can be denied. This will be definitely a political decision of the Kremlin, as it is much aggravated by Feigin’s trials. This decision is adverse and aimed at all of us.

20:48 – Dec. 5 2017

Feigin’s license denial is pure politics of course. It has no relations to law.

Besides that Shariy has sued a Russian political blogger Dmitrii Ivanov, aka kamikadze_d. Needless to say that Russian court was on Anatoliy’s side as well in this case “of defamation”, ignoring provocative and insulting sayings of Sharii to kamikadze_d. Ivanov had to flee from Russia under the threat of a criminal case.

Shariy wants Kamikadze to stop hiding his sexual orientation

August 29, 207 18:52

Photo: Moostander/

Text: Nikita Kovalenko

The long term polemics of popular bloggers Anatoly Shariy and Dmitrii Ivanov has unexpectedly acquired a “homosexual” twist. Shariy spotted a naked man on the background  of his opponent’s video and asked the opposition activist to stop hiding his orientation.

Since 2017 Anatoly constantly aggressively criticizes activist opposing to Putin regime in Russia and abroad, especially the politics: Aleksei NavalniyVyacheslav Maltsev and the Free Russia Forum, run by famous Russian opposition activist Garry Kasparov. He also mentioned Aleksandr Sotnik, Arkadii Babchenko, Igor Eidman and others.

Shariy has been involved into the case of Ukarinian ex-political inmate Aleksandr Kostenko, who was imprisoned in Russia on charges of assault against “Berkut” operative. According to the media, the proof of Kostenko’s guilt was a video by Shariy. The video uploaded in February 2015, after Kostenko’s detain, provides alleged evidences of the Aleksandr’s guilt. It contains a record of a conversation along with sounds of the “Berkut” operative being tortured on the background. An unknown person tells about the torture progress via a phone: “One cracked, and the other one won’t speak yet”.

Kostenko claimed that the voice on the record does not belong to him. The defense requested to call Shariy to court so that he explained where he got the record, but Natalia Poklonskaya, then “prosecutor” of the Crimea, objected the request. The court rejected the responsive defense motion.

According to the Kremlin propagandist guideline Shariy noted the socially significant work of “Bewareofthem Data Base project”, too.

How did appear the data base of enforcers who beat demonstrators

The project “Data base. All to justice” publishes information, including personal data, on those who use force against participants of protest rallies in Russia. DW interviewed the coordinator Anton Gromov.

The online project “Data base. All to justice” gathers and publishes information on people who unlawfully – according to the authors – use force against the participants…

DW propagandists have totally gone mad and keep spreading bullshit taking advantage of impotence and stupidity of Russian authorities. Do the policemen in Germany beat everyone lawfully? And what will come to the one who starts running this kind of data base? That’s totally nuts.

19:45 – Sept. 26 2018

Shariy does not hold himself back on words, using hate speech and complete defamation, falling under the respective criminal articles of the EU, Russia and the Ukraine:

Along with that Shariy runs anti-American propaganda in the EU, strangely matching the Kremlin official rhetoric.

Tzargrad TV

February 28, 2018 15:28 / Society

Shariy: Feigin destroyed himself with his defamations


After losing a trial to the popular blogger Anatoly Shariy and on his way to losing his lawyer license Mark Feigin keeps spreading defamations on the Internet about his opponent’s “pedophilia”

In his battle against the opposition Shariy enjoys a complete media support from Russian pro-Kremlin channels, run by oligarchs, and participating in proxy-wars of Vladimir Putin’s regime. Anatoly Shariy also takes part in broadcasts of Russian federal media, infamous for their false news, hate speech and calling to aggressive war.

Here Shariy communicates to Soloviev, who shows Anatoly his loyalty and helps revealing the society’s perceptions against him. Full time propagators promote Shariy as an “independent observer”.

Vladimir Soloviev: Only an idiot who has never seen your vlog can consider you a pro-Kremlin or a pro-Russian reporter.

Recently another pro-Kremlin propaganda channel LIFE NEWS broadcasted his interview. The fact that Shariy’s interview is shown on one of the main pro-Russian TV channels says much about the situation. In the interview Shariy claimed that the Ukraine has made a request, probably on his extradition, but – as well as in his video message – says that this is done for political reasons (be reminded, Shariy is under criminal, not political cases). In one of his earlier interviews to Russia 24 TV channel he admitted that he was engaged in frauds and deceived very important persons.


Despite there is currently no threat provided by administration of Yanukovich, which Shariy wanted to be protected from, the reporter does not want to come back to his home country, as the accusations he is persecuted for are not of political nature. The blogger instead firebrands the international feud, openly labeling the citizens of the West Ukraine “second class citizens”.

Anatoly has no complaints about Russian government about the situation in the Ukraine and does not mind the authorities’ actions against the opposing people. The situation with freedom of speech in Russia does not bother him as well, because he does not comment the Kremlin’s actions in a negative way. Maybe there was a reason behind him fleeing to Europe via Moscow?

On February 7, 2012 Shariy was announced in a nationwide wanted list in the Ukraine. By that time he has managed to flee from the country despite his double bail. Lithuanian authorities don’t withdraw Shariy’s refugee status. In 2015 the MIA of Lithuania has officially confirmed that after publications on the reporter’s activities a pretrial investigation had been carried out, bat later Lithuania admitted that there is still threat to Shariy’s life and his refugee status is fully justified.

Recently another letter has been sent to Lithuania department of migration to reconsider his case and withdraw the refugee status. We still do not know what will come out of this letter, but social project “Database” doubts that Shariy deserves shelter on Lithuania territory and publicly asks the Republic of Lithuania department of migration and the European Union authorities to pay thorough attention to the actions of this reporter, which lead to uncovered hatred firebrand, denunciations and lobbying of ideals completely opposite to values and laws of the European Union country-members.

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