About us

Welcome to the official page of the civil analytics project “Beware Of Them” (also known as “Database” or “База данных”). Our team conducts open investigations and analyses based on data we receive from publically available sources as well as individual informants. By cataloging the names and actions of those responsible for human rights violations and systemic corruption in Russia, our project aims to provide reasons for foreign governments to enact more sanctions against Putin’s regime and its lackeys as a measure of accountability they and their affiliates are immune from at home.

A significant part of our work is done behind closed doors and stored in encrypted form in accordance with all the national and international personal data legislation. Access to these files is granted individually on request from official authorities as part of the investigation.

Our Mission

The Opposition Rallies of May 5, 2018, wasn’t the first time Russian civil society clashed with Kremlin’s paramilitary groups. This criminal practice started at least 13 years ago: first, the opposition was hounded by the state-controlled “Nashi” movement as well as various puppet radical groups; then there were pogroms against civil defenders of the Khimkinsky forest, multiple assaults on journalists; later – violent actions of “Antimaidan” and “NOD” goons.

Nowadays, former combatants from separatist pro-Kremlin movements of East Ukraine and mercenaries who fought for Asad regime in Syria (such as a group knows as “SERB”), as well as people calling themselves Cossacks, have come into the spotlight for suppressing Russian civil society. A lot of them are former and active contractors of Wagner’s private military company and other similar organizations. All of these are nothing else but Russian instruments of hybrid warfare against the West. These groups and their activities are a direct military threat to Global Peace and International Security, as at present, in addition to the fundamental constitutional rights of Russian citizens being violated, a real danger of a civil war (that would follow the all too common unfortunate scenario well-known from the histories of various South American, African, and Asian countries) is looming over the country. But not only do Russian official authorities not prevent the practices of dissenter dehumanization, political terror, and extrajudicial raids, they also straight out encourage them.

We sincerely hope that one day we shall see our social, legal, political, and cultural spheres be on par with those of the best examples of the developed world, not those of rogue states and sponsors of international terrorism. So for the sake of civil peace and human values, we desire to stop street violence and reveal the identities of all members, leaders, and sponsors of this terror personally. There is enough reason to consider all involved groups as being affiliated with and funded by the Federal Security Service, President’s Administration, and Moscow Patriarchy, which means they are all acting with the approval of the government. Thus, all cases and instances of their activities at terrorizing and humiliating civil activists must be thoroughly investigated.

We call on every law-abiding Russian citizen, media workers, conscientious policemen, and military men, as well as human rights organizations, both home and abroad to support our cause!

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