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The Bewareofthem project is a comprehensive catalog of individuals and organizations responsible for human rights violations and systemic corruption in Russia. The project aims to shed light on the actions of these individuals and groups, and to hold them accountable for their wrongdoing. The catalog includes detailed information on the names, positions, and actions of those involved, as well as any relevant news articles and official documents. The project also provides resources for victims of human rights violations and corruption to seek justice and support. The goal of the Bewareofthem project is to promote transparency and accountability in Russia, and to help protect the rights of all individuals.

The mission of the Bewareofthem project is to empower the people of Russia to stand up against human rights violations and corruption by providing them with the information and resources they need to hold those responsible accountable for their actions. Inspired by the Opposition Rallies of May 5, 2018, which brought together thousands of individuals to peacefully protest against injustice and abuse of power, the Bewareofthem project seeks to continue this momentum and support the fight for a fair and just society. We believe that through education, activism, and solidarity, we can create a future in which all individuals are able to live with dignity and respect.

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