Доклад организации «Russia Matters»

Доклад организации «Russia Matters», созданной в центре науки и международных отношений Дж. Ф. Кеннеди» (Гарвардский университет) при поддержке Корпорации Карнеги в Нью-Йорке.

Russia in Review, Sept. 14-21, 2018

A group of Russian activists, “Beware of Them,” has launched an online campaign to identify law-enforcement officers involved in a violent crackdown on anti-government protesters during the Sept. 9 protests against government plans to raise the retirement age. Russian anti-extremism police have reportedly questioned two high school students over taking part in the anti-government demonstrations. (The Moscow Times, 09.20.18, The Moscow Times, 09.21.18)